April 2023

Warm greetings to visitors,friends and customers. I wish to thank all the glass lovers who have been inspired by my work. For many years I have developed my own style using leaded, painted and fused glass. In my  glass designs my love of drawing, painting and sculpting shines through.

The Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival was my main platform to show my latest work and attract new commissions. Through the commissions, I refined and enriched my techniques. Not only did my work spread to Europe and beyond, it was installed in private homes, public buildings, chapels and churches.

It has been such a joy to see visitors coming back  to my open studio again and again in the last 35 years. Your patronage has given me the chance to spread my work and make my glass art more sumptuous and my design more unique.

I am proud of my body of work and you all for believing in my skills and my ability to interpret your ideas into works of art. Not just in glass, but also in stone, drawing materials and clay. 

Alas, I now have to give up all commissions because bowel cancer has severely diminished my ability to make my trademark work and I am now fully retired. However, I will still enjoy making small scale work for my pleasure and remember your generous commentaries  and full hearted support for my work. Thank you.